Christmas Sudoku

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  • hera - 2013-12-11 16:43:43

    Oops! This is Sudoku and not Mahjong! My face is red.

    Reply from Rick: No problem. So to play Sudoku you try to get all 9 numbers in each block, row, and column. If you click a blank cell it should give you the possible numbers that can be placed in that cell based on the numbers that are already in that row, column or square.

    Hope that helps, :-)

  • hera - 2013-12-11 16:42:32

    Rules for games would be appreciated. I tried the Christmas mahjong and I have no idea how to play this game - it's not like your other mahjong games which I have enjoyed.

    Reply from Rick: Christmas Mahjong is a simple matching game. The tiles that aren't dimmed can be clicked and if you click two in a row with matching faces they get removed from the game. Remove all the tiles from the game to win.

    Hope that helps,

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